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Andrew Thould Window Cleaning


Andrew Thould Window Cleaning


The Reach and Wash system enables us to clean windows from the safety of the ground using a long-reach pole. A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water continually wash the window. The pure water not only cleans the dirt off more efficiently, it also dries to a spot-free finish as it has no impurities in it. Also, all frames and sills are washed at the same time as the windows. This system can also be used to clean conservatory roofs, hard to reach windows over extensions and garages....  and much more.


Water fed poles are less intrusive than ladders and cause less disturbance and potential damage to building or garden. Also, the time it takes to clean the windows usually is less than with traditional methods. Your privacy is important to us, so there are no suprises as usually, bedroom windows are cleaned from ground level.


Cleaning many more external features of your property is made easier using water fed poles - frames, UPVC panelling and cladding, canopies, gutters, fascias, garage doors, solar panels etc.


If you have any special needs please ask how we can help.

domestic properties

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